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Z.L.R. - Zimbabwe Law Reports (Zimbabwe); Zambia Law Reports (Zambia)


Started publication in 1980 (Rhodesia became Zimbabwe in 1979).

In The Law in Zimbabwe (2007), lawyers Saki and Chiware write:

"Currently in Zimbabwe there is only one set of law reports under the title The Zimbabwe Law Reports. Zimbabwe law Reports currently published by the Legal Resources Foundation a non profit making non-governmental organization in co-operation with the Ministry of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs...

"Zimbabwe Law Reports consolidate prominent cases that are of high prominence in any legal aspect or legal question. Only cases which settle a legal position are considered into the law reports. Usually these are cases tried in the Supreme Court or the High Court of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Law Reports can come in either one or two volumes, depending on the year and its legal events."


Published since 1964.

As of 2010, the Zambia Law Reports (Z.L.R.) were the only law reporter in Zambia.

Z.L.R. includes decisions of the Supreme Court and some decisions of the High Court.

Prior to Zambia’s independence in 1964, the two law report were the Northern Rhodesia Law Reports (N.R.L.R.; 1911–1954) and the Rhodesia and Nyasaland Law Reports (R. & N.; for 1954–1963).


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