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S.C.R. - Supreme Court Reports

Related Citation: S.C.C., D.L.R.

1878 to date.

Produced by the Supreme Court of Canada; published as of 2000 by Canadian Government Publishing.

Canada's S.C.R. is the official, bilingual series published under authority of the Supreme Court Act. The French edition is known as Rapports de la Cour supreme or R.C.S.

Three or four volumes are published annually. All written and oral judgments and reasons for judgment are printed in their entirety along with a summary of the reasons.

Cases include background information, statutes and regulations, authors cited, analysis and the decision.

Canada Supreme Court Reports is a primary source for the key decisions of Canada’s highest court.

A sample S.C.R. legal citation:

Roncarelli v Duplessis 1959 S.C.R. 122

The Supreme Court has adopted a neutral legal citation: SCC.

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