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F. Supp. - Federal Supplement (United States)

Related Citation: F.

First series published from 1933 to 1998.

The selection of opinions to be printed in F. Supp. is done by the judiciary, the United States district courts, not by the publisher.

Created by West Publishing Corporation in 1934 to host opinions of United States District Courts which, as of publication of the Federal Supplement, was taken from the Federal Reporter, the latter from 1934 on, containing only decisions of United States Courts of Appeal.

In 1999, when F. Supp. reached 999 volumes, West discontinued the first series and commenced a Second Series (F. Supp. 2d).

Note also the related or companion product of West-Thomson, the Federal Rules Decisions (F.D.R.) which consolidates decisions of U.S.A. Federal courts as they relate to rules of procedure.

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