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D.L.R. - Dominion Law Reports

Related Citation: S.C.R.

Original statement of scope:

"A new annotated series of reports comprising every case reported in the courts of every province, and also all the cases decided in the Supreme Court of Canada, Exchequer Court and the Railway Commission, together with Canadian cases appealed to the Privy Council (of England)."

Present statement of scope from publisher:

"... leading precedent-setting civil and criminal cases from all common law provinces and territories and cases of general interest from Quebec."

A sample citation:

Huggard v Bennetto 1 D.L.R. 305 (1912, MBCA)

The first set of D.L.R. law reports ran to Volume 70 (1922). As of 1923, the D.L.R. converted to "New Series (N.S.) which quickly became a year numbering format (using the square bracket citation format for the year), followed by volume numbers as required for that year as follows:

Pyett v Lampman [1923] 1 D.L.R. 249 (ONSC)

This ended with the [1955] 5 D.L.R., and was followed by a 2nd Series as of 1956:

Powliuk v Drinkwater 1 D.L.R. (2d) 338 (BC)

 D.L.R. 2d ended in 1968 at Volume 70 and a 3rd Series, D.L.R. 3d, started in 1969 and which ran until Volume 150 (1984).

As of 2009, the 4th Series, or D.L.R. (4th), which started with Volume 1 in 1984, was into the 300s. The statement of scope is now more modest:

"A weekly series of reports of cases from all the courts of Canada."

Canada Law Book has been the publisher throughout (since 1912).

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