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Am. Jur. - American Jurisprudence

Related Citation: C.J.S., L. C. P. Co., C.J.

First edition, 1962 (pictured), published by Bancroft-Whitney of San Francisco and the Lawyers' Co-operative Publishing Company of Rochester, New York.

It was to offer an alternative to the largely successful West Law product, the Corpus Juris and, later, the Corpus Juris Secondum.

Succeeded an earlier similar part law report/part digest product, Ruling Case Law (R.C.L.).

Re-issue, Second Edition, began in 1997 and now runs a full set of some 140 volumes.

The current set is known as American Jurisprudence, 2d or Am Jur 2d.

The publishers recommend a form of citation which starts with the volume number, then the Am. Jur. reference, then the name of the chapter, and finally the section number:

1 Am. Jur., Abandonment, §X.

This is not a collection of judgments but, rather, a digest of American and American state law, replete, though, with case authorities.

Appears to compete with Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.) and in fact shares the same publisher: West (Thomson-Reuters) a situation one would anticipate would end soon with the discontinuance of the one or the other.

Publisher's present statement of scope:

"... coverage of all fields of American law—state and federal, civil and criminal, substantive and procedural. The articles collect, examine, and summarize the broad principles of American law and, at the same time, provide direct leads to supporting cases, related annotations, forms, proofs, and trial techniques. Alphabetically arranged in more than 400 topics or chapters."

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