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YLJ - Yale Law Journal (USA)

Also known by the more traditional legal citation Yale L.J., but the publisher now proposes a preference for YLJ.

According to the website of the Yale Law School based in New Haven, Connecticut:

"In 1891, seven students at Yale Law School established the The Yale Law Journal.  At the time, it was only the third student-administered law review in operation, publishing six times a year at an annual subscription price of $2.00.  Today, it is one of the oldest and most widely-cited law reviews in the nation.

"The Yale Law Journal is published eight times a year (monthly from October through June, excluding February) by The Yale Law Journal Company, Inc. Editorial and general offices are located in the Sterling Law Building at Yale University."

Some, mostly recent archives of the YLJ can be found at http://yalelawjournal.org/the-yale-law-journal/issue-pages/archive/.

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