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YJFL - Yale Journal of Law & Feminism

Related Citation: Yale J.L. & Feminism

According to the publishers Yale Law School:

"The Yale Journal of Law & Feminism (YJLF) formed in 1987 to provide a forum for women's experiences as they have been structured, affected, controlled, discussed, and ignored by the law....

"We are a diverse group of individuals, and include members of different races/ethnicities, genders, and orientations.

"We present differing feminist perspectives on a wide variety of topics. Our journal has included articles on reproductive freedom, the concerns of women of color, judicial prosecution of prostitutes, criticism of judicial deference to the military, and the feminization of poverty. We welcome exchanges with other feminist publications and seek to further the dialogue on all issues affecting women.

"We publish twice a year."

YJLF has previously been known by the now archaic legal citation of Yale J.L. & Feminism.

They have one of the most clever logos of all law journals.

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