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Wm. Mitchell L. Rev. - William Mitchell Law Review

According to the publisher, the William Mitchell College of Law located in St. Paul, Minnesota, the William Mitchell Law Review is a student-edited law journal started in 1974.

In February of 2012, the Wm. Mitchell L. Rev. website (http://www.wmitchell.edu/lawreview/) proposed this history and statement of scope of the law journal:

"In 1972, a student-faculty committee at William Mitchell College of Law recommended starting a law review. Surprisingly, the idea was controversial. The College was still a part-time night school and law reviews, many believed, were the province of the intellectual elite, far beyond the students of William Mitchell. They were purportedly more interested in the nuts and bolts of lawyering. Even staunch supporters viewed the so-called Law Review Project as an experiment.

"The William Mitchell Law Review published its first volume in 1974. Volume 1 was a single issue with six student comments and no lead articles—all the better for disowning the experiment should it fail. Instead of failing, however, the publication was a success. Lead articles appeared the next year in Volume 2.

The Law Review publishes four issues and one special issue each year....  The Law Review's original aim was to serve as an effective tool for Minnesota lawyers and judges, and it accomplished that goal from the very beginning. The first citation to the William Mitchell Law Review appeared in a Minnesota Supreme Court decision from 1975. Since then, Minnesota state and federal courts have turned to the Law Review hundreds of times, citing work from local practitioners, professors, and fellow judges."

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