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W.W.R. - Western Weekly Reports

Western Weekly Reports (W.W.R.) started in 1911 with Volume 1, and ran to Volume 10 up to 1916.

Starting in 1917, the publisher issued more than one volume a year and changed the citation style to reflect the year, in square brakets, and the volume number such as;

In re Conference Concerning the Chief Justice of Alberta, [1922] 2 W.W.R. 289

New Series (W.W.R. (N.S.)) ran from 1951 to 1965 when, as of volume 52, the publisher dropped the "N.S.", which can lead to some confusion with the original series.

After volume 75 (1970), the publisher again reverted back to the multiple volume per year style beginning with [1971] 1 W.W.R., and which continues as of 2011.

Statement of scope:

"The judgments delivered by and originating in the courts of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan (Canada)."

Original publisher: Burroughs & Company.

A sample citation:

Blue Line Hockey Acquisition Ltd. v. Orca Bay Hockey Ltd., [2009] 8 W.W.R. 83 (BCCA)

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