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V.L.R. (USA) - Virginia Law Review

Related Citation: V.L.R. (Australia), Va. L. Rev.

Published since 1913.

The law journal is moving towards this new, public domain style legal citation, abandoning Va. L. Rev.

The first volume included these words:

"With this number the Virginia Law Review begs to introduce itself to an indulgent public. The editorial work is entirely in the hands of . . . students, not one of whom has had previous experience with work of this character. It is hoped that the crudities of this first effort in the line of published comment on the work of the courts may be less glaring in the future numbers when the editors have become more experienced."

Website as of 2011-05-14: www.virginialawreview.org

Publisher's statement of scope:

"[P]ublished eight times a year by students of the University of Virginia School of Law, the Virginia Law Review.... The student editors of the Law Review are members of the Virginia Law Review Association, a not-for-profit corporation chartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

"Its objective is to publish a professional periodical devoted to law-related issues that can be of use to judges, practitioners, teachers, legislators, students, and others interested in the law. Only in the legal profession do students have the responsibility for publishing a majority of the contributions to the professional literature."

Sample citation:

Rees, John, Rees, John, American Wills Statutes, 46:4 Va. L. Rev. 613 (1960)

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