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U. W. Austl. L. Rev. - University of Western Australia Law Review

Related Citation: UWALR

The defunct legal citation of what is now usually cited as UWALR.

Note the URL of the journal (emphasis added):

  • http://www.law.uwa.edu.au/research/uwalr

AustLII has taken to cataloging University of Western Australia Law Review articles using the distinct and peculiar legal citation of:

  • UWALawRw

To the credit of AusLII, however, they do host an impressive collection of UWALR arhives at http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/journals/UWALawRw/.

The publisher of UWALR, the Faculty of law of the University of Western Australia described the law journal in these words, circa 2012:

"It provides a forum for the airing of articles on topics of current legal significance and practical notes on Australian case and statute law. It includes articles on a broad range of topics of national and international importance, but also encourages articles with a Western Australian focus.

"The UWA Law Review has the distinction of being the oldest university law journal in Australia."

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