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U. Louisville L. Rev. - University of Louisville Law Review

Now known (since 2007) as the University of Louisville Law Review (U. Louisville L. Rev.).

Arguably, the most re-titled law journal in history!

  • The Journal of Family Law was the original title [Volumes 1 to 30, 1961-1992; J. Fam. L.].
  • Then, as of volume 31, the publication was re-named the University of Louisville Journal of Family Law (U. Louisville J. Fam. L.).
  • In1997 (Volume 36), the law journal was titled the Brandeis Journal of Family Law (Brandeis J. Fam. L.);
  • In 1998 but only until 2007, the law journal was published as the Brandeis Law Journal [Brandeis L.J.]; and
  • Since 2007 (volume 46), the law journal has been the University of Louisville Law Review [U. Louisville L. Rev.]. 

According to the publisher, the Brandeis School of Law, circa 2011:

"The University of Louisville Law Review is the principal law review publication of the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville.

"Formerly known as the Journal of Family Law and later as the Brandeis Law Journal, the University of Louisville Law Review is a scholarly publication devoted to developing the law, evaluating legal institutions and analyzing issues of law and public policy.

"The Law Review features student notes and articles written by nationally and globally recognized experts. The student members of the Law Review publish four issues per year and have editorial control over its content."

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