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Str. - Strange's King's Bench Reports (England and Wales)

Forming part of the English Reports, Volume 93.

Publisher was John Strange (1696-1754), one-time Solicitor General.

Strange inserted into his reports a strange personal document that survives today even in the 93rd volume of the English Reports, which re-publishes 1 Strange and 2 Strange. It was likely designed to please the King and is dated circa 1747.

At 2 Strange 1176:


"Having received a considerable addition to my fortune, and some degree of ease and retirement being judged proper for my health, I this term (M. T. 16 Geo. II.) resigned my offices of Solicitor-General, King's Counsel, and Recorder of the City of London, and left off my practice at the House of Lords, Council Table ... and all the courts in Westminster Hall, except the King's Bench, and there also at the afternoon sittings.

"His Majesty (King George II), when at a private audience I took leave of him, expressed himself with the greatest goodness towards me, and honored me with his datent (patent), to take place for life, next to his Attorney-General. — Anno aetatis meae 47."

Sir John Strange, law reporter, is also fondly remembered for the inscription on his tombstone:

Here lies an honest lawyer.

That is Strange.

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