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Sing. J. L.S. - Singapore Journal of Legal Studies (Singapore)

Also sometimes cited as: Sing. J. Legal Stud.

The publisher's preferred legal citation is stated to be: Sing. J. L. S.

The publisher's statement of history and scope:

"The Singapore Journal of Legal Studies has been in continuous publication since 1959 when it first appeared as the University of Malaya Law Review. Institutional changes made it necessary for the Journal to be re-named twice, first as the Malaya Law Review and then Singapore Journal of Legal Studies....

"As the first and leading legal journal in Singapore, it has witnessed the legal, political and social development of Singapore as it progressed from being a Third World country to a First World country. The Journal has traced the development of common law in Asia, particularly, Singapore and Malaysia. The Journal covers both domestic and international legal developments. Singapore, as an independent legal system founded on the English legal system, continues to draw guidance from the common law authorities of leading Commonwealth countries, including England, Australia and Canada, and occasionally from the United States of America....

"The Journal publishes articles on private and public international law as well as comparative law. It features topics with theoretical or practical appeal or a mixture of both. The Journal continues to interest lawyers, academics and observers in and outside the common law world. Indeed, it has been cited by leading common law courts such as the House of Lords, the Supreme Court of Canada, the High Court of Australia, the High Court of Malaysia and the Supreme Court of Singapore. The Journal is a faculty-managed publication with its Editorial Committee drawn from the Law Faculty of the National University of Singapore with advice from eminent legal personalities from other institutions in Singapore and abroad. It is fully peer-reviewed under conditions of anonymity by subject specialists within and outside the Law Faculty of the National University of Singapore."

Sample citation:

Leader-Elliott, Ian, "Sudden Fight, Consent and the Principle of Comparative Responsibility in the Indian Penal Code" 2010 Sing. J.L.S. 282

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