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SKCA - Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan (Canada)

Related Citation: SKQB, SKPC, S.S. (Canada)

January, 2000 to date.

The provincial hierarchy: SKPC » SKQB » SKCA.

In 2000, the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan opted for a database and Internet-friendly neutral citation system: S.K.C.A.

It is often presented without the periods, especially in electronic databases, as in SKCA.

All SKCA cases are assigned a permanent SKCA number with the four-digit year followed by the SKCA and then a sequentially assigned number.

The first decision of the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan to be assigned a permanent SKCA legal citation:

Wilhelm v. Hickson 2000 SKCA 1

The SKCA was created in 1918 by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Act.


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