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SASC - Supreme Court of South Australia (Australia)

  • Jurisdiction: Australia
  • Dates covered: 1837-

According to the Court's website (http://www.courts.sa.gov.au/courts/supreme/), circa 2011:

"The court was set up by ordinance of 7 Will.IV c.5 on January 2, 1837....

"The Supreme Court is the superior court of the State exercising original and appellate jurisdiction. The court is constituted of the Chief Justice, 12 Judges and 2 Masters. Administrative staff perform the many tasks required to keep a multi-jurisdictional court functioning in an effective manner.

"The Supreme Court of South Australia is a court of both law and equity. It deals with the more important civil cases and the most serious criminal matters. In its appellate jurisdiction, the Supreme Court reviews and determines errors which may have occurred in other courts of the State and interprets and expounds the law for the guidance of other courts.

 "The civil jurisdiction deals with claims made pursuant to the court’s inherent jurisdiction and other jurisdictions vested in the court pursuant to legislation. Such matters are dealt with at trial or by way of chamber hearings.

"The most serious criminal charges ... are dealt with by the Supreme Court’s criminal jurisdiction. Trials are conducted before a judge sitting alone or with a jury. In almost all instances, matters have been referred to the Supreme Court following a committal process in the Magistrates Court."

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