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R.F.L. - Reports of Family Law (Canada)

  • Jurisdiction: Canada
  • Dates covered: 1971-

flag of Canada

Published by Carswell (Canada) as of volume 1 (1 R.F.L.) in 1971.

First editor was judge David Steinberg (Ontario).

After 30 volumes, converted to Second Series (R.F.L. 2d) as of 1978; 3rd Series as of 1986 (R.F.L. 3d); 4th series as of 1994 (R.F.L. 4th); 5th series as of 2000 (RFL 5th) and 6th Series as of 2004 (R.F.L. 6th).

A sample citation:

Stark v Stark 40 R.F.L. (3d) 247 (BCSC, 1992)


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