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Rep. - Coke's King's Bench Reports (England)

Also known as Coke's Reports; hence the alternate legal citation: Co. Rep.

The reporter was, of course, Sir Edward Coke.

These law reports, originally published in 13 volumes, had a profound influence on English law and it is therefore somewhat appropriate that Coke's Reports are known, widely, as, simply, the Reports.

Forming part of the English Reports, Volumes 76 to 77 (1572-1616).

The original thirteen-volume  collection was published in law French but as of at least 1776, a translated version has existed, that of George Wilson.

Coke built on the success of his reports by, in the later years of his life, publishing a four volume, encyclopedic digest of the English law as, in his opinion, it then existed or ought to be, call the Institutes.


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