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R.S.Q. - Revised Statutes of Quebec (Canada)

The English version of the Lois Refondues du Quebec (Revised Statutes of Quebec); the French citation is L.R.Q.

As Quebec laws are adopted by the Quebec Legislature (Assemblée Nationale), they shed their respective parliamentary "Bill" number and are issued Statute of Quebec chapter numbers in the order in which each is assented to, from January 1 of each year, becoming that chapter in the annual Statutes of Quebec (Statuts du Quebec; S.Q.). Most are then quickly incorporated into the consolidated collection of Quebec laws:  Revised Statutes of Quebec (Lois Refondues du Quebec - L.R.Q.), a permanent collection and from which the statute takes a permanent chapter number for all future reference.

For example, the Quebec Labour Code as of 2010, presented in both the English R.S.Q. then the French L.R.Q. legal citations:
  • An Act respecting labour standards, R.S.Q. c. N-1.1
  • Loi sur les normes du travail, L.R.Q. c. N-1.1



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