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Pl. Com. - Plowden's Commentaries or Reports (England and Wales)

  • Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
  • Dates covered: 1571
  • Publisher/Reporter: Edmund Plowden

Forming part of the English Reports, Volume 75.

Also sometimes presented as Plowd.

Edmund Plowden (1518-1585) published and edited these reports himself beginning in 1571 With coverage of decisions from 1549 to 1580. The original reports were written in French which was at the time, the official court language.

Plowden's original intention was to keep records of decisions he was involved in for his own use.

Generally, Plowden has been reported in two volumes.

In his October 20, 1578 preface, Plowden explains his project as follows:

"Having lent my second book to a very few of my intimate friends, at their special instance and request and but for a short time, their clerks and others knowing thereof got the books into their hands, and made such expedition by writing day and night that in a short time they had transcribed a great number of the cases which copies at last came to the hands of some of the printers who intended to make a profit of them by publishing them. But the case is being transcribed by clerks and other ignorant persons - the copies were very corrupt, for in some places a whole line was omitted, and in others one word was put for another which entirely changed the sense, and again in other places spaces were left where the writers did not understand the words. Wherefore in order to prevent and avoid these defects, I considered with myself whether it was not better for me to put this work in print."

There is at least one funny annotation in Plowden. It can be found in Wrotesly v Adams (Plowden 190), where he refers to a judge by the name of Brown who did not challenge counsel because:

"... he was so old that his senses were decayed and his voice could not be heard."

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