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P.D. - Probate Division - Law Reports (England); Piskei Din shel Bet HaMishpat HaElyon LeYisrael (Israel)

flag UKUNITED KINGDOM: A small law report series forming part of the Law Reports (L.R.) collection published by the ICLR.

Probate Division, also sometimes cited as P., LRPD, P. Div., Prob. Div. or Pr. Div., first came out in 1875 and lasted until 1971.

The first three volumes were entitled Probate & Divorce and sometimes cited separately as P.&D.

But since 1875, the series continued but restarted numbering at Volume I, as Probate Division.

Israel flag ISRAEL: Judgments of the Supreme Court of Isreal.

Also sometimes presented with an optional English legal citation, IsrSC (i.e. Israel Supreme Court), though the content is nonetheless in Hebrew.



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