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O. R. (Canada) - Ontario Reports (Canada)

Related Citation: ONCA, U.C.Q.B.

Published from 1882 to 1900 and then from 1931 to date.

Continued from the U.C.Q.B. - Upper Canada Queen's Bench Reports.

In 1882, the statement of scope from the first volume:

"The Ontario Reports ... containing reports of cases decided in the Queen's Bench and Chancery Divisions of the High Court of Justice for Ontario (Canada)."

The 1882 edition was published by Rowsell & Hutchison (Toronto) but by the time of Volume 32 (1901), the publisher was Canada Law Book. In 1901, the Ontario Law Reports (O.L.R.) commenced publication with their Volume 1 (also by Canada Law Book).

But the Ontario Reports were back in 1931, again by Canada Law Book, with volumes issuing by year and, if required for that year, given the number or length of cases selected for publication, multiple volumes. As such, the legal citation used the square brackets, which is the standard for legal citations where the year forms part of the formal citation.

For example, a sample citation of the 1st volume of the second run of O.R.:

Hurst v. Township of Mersea [1931] O.R. 290 (ONCA)

A new series (literally, "New Series"), was started in 1974, O.R. (2d) and no longer titled by year but, instead, reverted to a simple volume numbering system, and lasting until Volume 75 in 1991.

By 1991, the publisher had become Butterworths (Toronto).

Then, the 3rd Series - O.R. (3d) commenced in 1991 and continues to date (as of 2009). The statement of scope is now generic, as has become the court structure:

"Reports of cases determined in the Courts of Ontario."

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