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Notre Dame L. Rev. - Notre Dame Law Review

Originally, the Notre Dame Lawyer (1925-1982).

The publisher Notre Dame Law School, circa 2013:

"The Notre Dame Law Review is a student edited journal that seeks to foster scholarly discourse and to train its members in the analysis of modern legal issues....

"In 1925, a group of eager and idealistic students founded the Notre Dame Lawyer. Its name was changed in 1982 to the Notre Dame Law Review, but all generations have remained committed to the original founders’ vision of a law review synonymous with respect for law, and jealous of any unjust attacks upon it....

"Entirely student edited, the Law Review offers its members an invaluable occasion for training in precise analysis of legal problems and in clear and cogent presentation of legal issues. In addition, the Review affords its members the opportunity to foster scholarly discourse within the legal community—a reverent but critical service synonymous with respect for law.

"The Law Review seeks to further enrich the discourse in the legal community, remaining mindful of the Catholic tradition of justice”

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