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N.W.T.C.A. - Court of Appeal for the Northwest Territories (Canada)

The neutral citation for the Court of Appeal for the Northwest Territories.

The website of the NWTCA is at, as of March 24, 2011: www.nwtcourts.ca/Courts/ca.htm.

According to the Court's public affairs office:

"The Court of Appeal, Northwest Territories highest appellate court, hears criminal and civil appeals from the Supreme Court and appeals from the Territorial Court in indictable criminal cases. The Court of Appeal is composed of a Chief Justice and justices of appeal, who are appointed by the Governor-in-Council from justices of the Courts of Appeal of Alberta and Saskatchewan and the judges and ex officio judges of the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories. The Court of Appeal sits regularly in Yellowknife and in cases of emergency  or situations of special circumstance, it may sit throughout the Territories or Alberta. Hearings are held with a quorum of three judges and are open to the public. The decisions of the Court of Appeals are binding in all courts in the Northwest Territories."

The decisions of the NWTCA are puiblished on CanLII at canlii.org/en/nt/ntca/.

For many, the neutral citation should be replaced with NTCA. Even CanLII (see URL above), in its choice of URL, prefers the more logical choice of NTCA.


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