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NUJS L. Rev. - NUJS Law Review

Continued the short-lived Indian Journal of Juridical Sciences (IJJS).

In 2008, Mahendra P. Singh, founding editor of the NUJS Law Review, writing in the inaugural issue:

"NUJS Law Review is the sprouting of a seed long embedded in my heart. Ever since the early years of my entry into law, when I came across some of the law school reviews from abroad, especially the United States, I have longed for similar reviews from our law schools. Some of the law schools such as Lucknow, Delhi, Jaipur; some organizations such as the All India Law Teachers' Association and some enterprising law teachers took the initiative of bringing out law reviews but could not proceed beyond a few and sporadic issues....

"On coming to NUJS, I found that while the Indian Juridical Review (IJR) managed exclusively by the students was appearing regularly once a year, the Indian Journal of Juridical Sciences (IJJS), which also expected student participation, but was not exclusively in their hands, could not proceed beyond its first issue."

The NJUS Law Review website, circa November 2012, offered this as a statement of scope:

"The NUJS Law Review is the flagship journal of the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. It was launched in 2008 as a quarterly law review and is run by a Board of Editors comprising of six Editors, who report to the Editor-in-Chief being the Vice Chancellor. Being a brainchild of the present Editor-in-Chief, Professor Mahendra P. Singh, the Law Review was launched as a realization of the fact that Universities, especially law universities, have responsibilities towards the society in which they exist and must be a source of information and guidance for the same. It has so far attracted a large number of contributions from students and academics from India and abroad.

"The primary objective behind the inception of the NUJS Law Review is to provide a forum to writers, enabling them to voice their opinions about the visions and goals of the Indian society. Apart from that, the Law Review promotes and endeavours to foster a culture of serious academic research and writing amongst the students through a structured process of mentoring and supervision. It has an in-house writing and editing team of thirty-six Associate Members, comprising of students from the first year to the fifth year. The Editors undertake the task of mentoring Associate Members in honing their legal writing skills and preparing them as prospective editors. The NUJS Law Review also organizes the Annual NUJS Law Review Symposium seeking to address issues of contemporary relevance."

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