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N.E. - North Eastern Reporter (USA)

Related Citation: N.W., S.E., A., P. (USA), S.W., So. (USA)

A law report published by the American legal publishing giant West Thomson, and comprised of opinions and decisions from 1936 to date issued by the state courts of:

  • Illinois,
  • Indiana,
  • Massachusetts,
  • New York, and
  • Ohio.

It is often represented by the alternate legal citation of NE; simply, N. E. without the periods. Rarer still are these alternate legal citations for the North Eastern Reporter:

  • No. East Rep., or
  • N. E. Rep.

The original product ran from 1884 to 1936, ending in volume 200. The first volume had this statement of scope (then Northeastern Reporter rather than North Eastern Reporter):

"Northeastern Reporter ... containing all the current decisions of the Supreme Courts of Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and the Court of Appeals of New York."

The Second Series continued the North Eastern Reporter as of 1936 but it is distinguished from the original set by the legal citation of N.E. (2d).

As of 2009, N.E. 2d was at volume 902.

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