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N.D. B. Br. - North Dakota Bar Briefs

Related Citation: NDLR, B. Br., N.D. L. Rev.

Bar Briefs was the original title (and legal citation) of what is now the North Dakota Law Review (NDLR).

From 1924 to 1948, Bar Briefs (B. Br.) ran under that title (volumes 1 to 24).

Changed title and legal citation in 1948 to the North Dakota Bar Briefs - N.D. B. Br. - volumes 24 to 26.

Starting in 1951, with volume 27, the North Dakota Bar Briefs was re-titled to the present day North Dakota Law Review.

By 1974, publication had migrated from the bar association to the University of North Dakota law School.

The North Dakota Law Review began with a traditional, awkward legal citation (Bluebook-style), of N.D. L. Rev. but recently, has preferred the public domain legal citation of NDLR.

According to the publisher University of North Dakota School of Law:

"The North Dakota Law Review is published quarterly by the University of North Dakota School of Law. The Law Review publishes articles written by professors, lawyers, UND law students, and nationally recognized legal scholars. The Law Review also serves as the journal of the State Bar Association of North Dakota. The North Dakota Law Review provides critical analysis of legal issues and developments in the state and region, as well as the national and international platforms."

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