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Mil. L. Rev. - Military Law Review (USA)

Published since 1958, initially as a "pamphlet" and by the Department of the United States Army. The Review is administered from the The Judge Advocate General's School, U. S. Army, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Although financed and housed by the Judge Advocate General's Office of the United States Army, the Military Law Review purports to be neutral:

"The Military Law Review provides a forum for those interested in military law to share the product of their experience and research. Articles should be of direct concern and import in this area of scholarship, and preference will be given to those articles having lasting value as reference material for the military lawyer.

"The Military Law Revue does not purport to promulgate department of the Army policy or to be in any sense directory. The opinions reflected in each article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Judge Advocate General or any governmental agency."

According to the U.S. Library of Congress, as of May 21, 2011:

"The Military Law Review (ISSN 0026-4040) is the premier U.S. Armed Forces journal of military legal scholarship. It has been published quarterly by The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center & School (JAGS), U.S. Army, Charlottesville, Virginia since 1958. The Review is designed for use by military attorneys in connection with their official duties, and provides a forum for those interested in military law to share the products of their experience and research."

A sample citation:

Meeks, Clarence, Illegal Law Enforcement: Aiding Civil Authorities in Violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, 70 Mil.L.Rev. 83 (1975)


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