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Medico-Legal J. - The Medico-Legal Journal

  • Jurisdiction: United States
  • Dates covered: 1883-1933
  • Publisher/Reporter: Attorney A. W. Herzog (New York)

The publication died with the owner, Alfred W. Herzog, who died in 1933 at the age of 65.

Herzog was born in Vienna but moved to the USA in his boyhood years, and obtained first a medical degree and, later, a law degree. he wrote a well-receioved doctrinal piece called Medical Jurisprudence.

The first issue (1883) was published by the Medico-Legal Society of New York, described as follows:

"Quarterly devoted to the science of medical jurisprudence.

"It is a noticeable fact that there is no Journal at present, in any part of the world, devoted exclusively to this subject. This publication consequently will occupy an entirely new field, and in that respect may claim for itself the notice of members of the legal and medical professions in every country....

"This Journal will publish the leading papers of the Medico-Legal Society, and a resume of its transactions. Its columns will at the same time be open to contributions from all sources and from all parts of the world, on appropriate subjects and questions. It will endeavor to chronicle interesting facts and scientific deductions within its domain, and keep a record of current events, especially in the trial of cases in the courts which involve Medico-Legal questions.

"The Price of the Medico-Legal Journal has been fixed at $3.00 per annum, in the hope and with the expectation of its receiving a generous support from all classes of intelligent readers. Every branch and department of Medico-Legal Science will be carefully represented, and assurances have been received from the ablest professional names in Law and Medicine of efficient aid and support by way of contributions to these columns. While closely connected with the Medico-Legal Society, that institution assumes no responsibility for what appears in these pages. Authors whose articles appear with their names, are solely responsible therefor."


  • The Medico-Legal Journal, 1 Medico-Legal J. ii, (1883-1884)

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