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McGill L. J. - McGill Law Journal (Canada)

Published  by students of the faculty of law, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec [Canada], since 1952.

Publisher's statement of scope:

"From its founding, the Journal has promoted the development of legal scholarship by appealing to an audience that includes professors of law, practicing lawyers, and law students. The Journal has consistently pursued this objective for five decades and continues to foster a more profound understanding of the common law and civil law legal traditions. Today the Journal is recognized as an important forum for the critical analysis, often from a comparative or trans-systemic perspective, of contemporary legal issues in the realms of public and private law, as well as international law.


"The Journal is a bilingual publication, thus reflecting an essential characteristic of the Faculty of Law of McGill University. The editorial team is consequently comprised of both francophone and anglophone students tasked with the selection of articles and preparation for publication. The Journal is also a bi-juridical periodical that fosters a multifaceted approach to legal scholarship. Given that the province of Quebec is a jurisdiction where the two great legal traditions intersect in matters of private law, the first editors of the Journal immediately appreciated its potential as a catalyst for the development of civilian legal scholarship published in English. Today, the Journal publishes, in both French and English, a great variety of articles pertaining to the civil and common law traditions....


"Inspired by the tradition of American law reviews, the Journal is entirely student-run. In order to ensure the quality of its content, all manuscripts selected for publication are peer-reviewed by scholars from Canada and around the world."

Sample citation:

Chandler, Jennifer, Technological Self-Help and Equality in Cyberspace, 56:1 McGill LJ 39 (2010)




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