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Man. L.J. - Manitoba Law Journal

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The title changed during the years of publication such as, at one time, the Manitoba Law School Journal.

According to the publisher Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba (as of 2013):

"The Manitoba Law Journal (MLJ) is a publication of the Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba located at Robson Hall. The Manitoba Law Journal is returning to its roots. Over 100 years ago, the predecessor to the MLJ began with a mission of providing informative, critical analysis of legal developments in our own community."

The preface to the firtst issue (1962) is so unusual that we extract it here:

"A quiet revolution in legal education has been in progress in Manitoba for several years. The external manifestations of this revolution are easy to catalogue. The full-time teaching staff of the Manitoba Law School has risen in number from two in 1958 to five in 1962. In 1959 the "pass-mark" was raised from 50% to 60%....

"The intangible effects of our quiet revolution, though not as easy to document, are no less striking. One detects in the students a new attitude of concern (perhaps more closely akin to panic than to enthusiasm) toward their studies. In fact, they have recently requested extended library hours, so as to increase their study time. It is, of course, much too early to assess the long-range consequences of this attitude, but it seems unlikely that it could be anything but beneficial.

"The decision of the School's Board of Trustees to publish this journal constitutes another stage in the revolution. It affords our students the opportunity to engage, under faculty supervision, in research and writing for publication. It provides the profession for the first time with a journal of sufficient scope to permit scholarly research on a sizeable scale. And it creates a new channel of communication between the School and both the profession and the rest of the legal world, a means by which to display the changes wrought by our quiet revolution.

"Our only firm policy as to format and content is to have no firm policy."

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