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M.V.R. - Motor Vehicle Reports (Canada)

flag of CanadaPublisher's statement of scope:

"Features all important decisions in motor vehicle law from all Canadian jurisdictions selected by experts in the field. Includes cases on Criminal Code motor vehicle offences including alcohol-related offences and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms defences, Highway Traffic Act offences, civil actions relating to motor vehicles, and registration and licensing issues."

Started with Volume 1 in 1979 and ended the first series in 1988 with Volume 50. The Second Series - M.V.R. (2d) - started with Volume 1 in 1988 and continued until Volume 50 in 1994. From there, the Third Series - M.V.R. (3d) - continued M.V.R. from volumes 1 through 50, 1994 to 2000.

M.V.R (4th) started with Volume 1 in 2000 and ran until volume 50 in 2004, at which time the Motor Vehicle Reports, 5th Series started.

Publisher is Carswell, now Thomson-Carswell, of Toronto (Camada).

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