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MULR - Marquette Law Review (USA)

In spite of the letter "U" in the MULR legal citation which, presumably refers to "University", the law journal is called the Marquette Law Review.

MULR is the new, neutral citation of the Marquette University Law Review, the publisher (Marquette University Law School based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) having replaced the now-dated legal citation of Marq. L. Rev.

According to the publisher (in 2011):

"Founded in 1916, the Marquette Law Review is the eighth oldest student-run law journal in the country, and it continues to provide substantive contributions to the legal community. It is Marquette University's general law journal, publishing articles, essays, notes, and comments on a broad range of legal topics.

"The Marquette Law Review publishes important commentary on issues of national significance. We have produced symposium issues on a variety of topics, including dispute resolution in criminal law, restorative justice, the anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, Mediation, and privatization.

"The Marquette Law Review is published quarterly during the school year, with the editorial staff being chosen from second- and third-year students on the basis of scholarship and writing ability. Each issue of the Marquette Law Review contains articles on legal subjects, commentary on developments in the law, and notes on recent decisions. The Marquette Law Review provides special training in legal research and writing, and is considered a valuable part of the Law School's academic program."

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