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M.J. - Military Justice Reporter (USA); Manitoba Judgments (Canada)

Military Justice Reporter (M.J.) of the United States; since 1976 (Westlaw).

According to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces website (as of 2010, www.armfor.uscourts.gov):

"The official decisions of the Court have been published since 1976 by West Group in the Military Justice Reporter (M.J.) These reports also contain the Daily Journal of the Court's filings, summary disposition orders, and other day-to-day actions of the Court, as well as selected opinions of each of the Courts of Criminal Appeals....

"Since October 1996 opinions of the Court also have been available on the Court’s website. Prior to 1976, the opinions of the Court and the intermediate courts were published by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company in the Court-Martial Reports (C.M.R.). The 50 C.M.R. volumes are accompanied by a two-volume cumulative citator-index. The opinions of the Court from that era also were bound separately in 23 volumes entitled United States Court of Military Appeals (U.S.C.M.A.). "

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The electronic database of Manitoba judgments on the Canadian service provider Quicklaw pay-per-use database (now LexisNexis Canada).


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