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MBQB - Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba

Related Citation: MBCA, Man. L.J., Man. L.R.

March, 2000 to date.

In 2000, the Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba opted for a database and Internet-friendly neutral citation system: MBQB.

It may be spelled in the traditional legal citation format, with periods, as in "M.B.Q.B."

All MBQB cases are assigned a permanent MBQB number with the four-digit year followed by the MBQB and then a sequentially assigned number.

The first decision of the Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba to be assigned a permanent MBQB legal citation was this criminal law case, March 2000:

De Sousa v. Kromar Printing Ltd. 2000 MBQB 1


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