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MBCA - Manitoba Court of Appeal

Related Citation: MBQB, MBPC, Man. L.J., Man. L.R.

According to 2010 Court documentation:

"The Court of Appeal is the senior and final court in the province of Manitoba. The Chief Justice of Manitoba heads the Court which is composed of a total of seven judges. The Judges are federally appointed pursuant to the Judges Act. The Court normally sits in panels comprised of three judges which constitute a quorum but occasionally, on matters of great importance will sit with a panel of five judges. The Court hears appeals from the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench and the Provincial Court of Manitoba. In addition the Court of Appeal hears, in limited circumstances and as mandated by statute, appeals from professional bodies and some government boards and tribunals, usually when a point of law or jurisdiction is involved. The Court of Appeal sits in Winnipeg.."


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