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League of Nations O. J. - League of Nations Official Journal

The League of Nations Official Journal was the record of what was to be the ambitious League of Nations. When the publisher League collapsed in the rockets and bullets of World War II, the League of Nations Official Journal folded with the publication of volume 21 in 1940.

The law journal was also known by the French title, Société des nations: Journal Officiel.

That 1940 edition of the law journal reads like a horror story to any intimate of the agency such as the League of Nations. The League had blossomed in  the spirit of peace on earth, and from the cinders of "the Great War", which raged from 1914 to 1918.

By issue 21, 1940, the very thing the League was created to prevent, further global "world" war, was then in full swing. Consider the words of the then-invaded state of Finland reproduced at 1919 - The League of Nations (also at 21 League of Nations O.J. 20 (1940)).

"Traffic in Opium", one of the other articles in isue 21, seemed a trivial topic given the bloodshed caused by the ongoing aggressive invasion tactics of certain well-armed states. As the League collapsed in 1940, so too did the League of Nations Official Journal.


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