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Law & Hist. Rev. - Law and History Review

Related Citation: Am. J. Legal Hist.

Published by Cambridge University for the American Society for Legal History, with the distinctive website URL (as of 2011-06-27): http://www.legalhistorian.org/

The publication appears to be evolving towards the use of a public domain-style legal citation: LHR. For example, the publisher, Cambridge University Press, describes the product as follows:

"Law and History Review (LHR)."

According to the publisher:

"Law and History Review is America's leading legal historical journal. It is published three times a year, in spring, summer, and fall, by the University of Illinois Press for the American Society for Legal History. The purpose of the Review is to further research and writing in the fields of the social history of law and the history of legal ideas and institutions. The annual subscription fee also includes membership in the American Society for Legal History."

A sample citation:

Oldham, James, "Truth-Telling in the Eighteenth-Century English Courtroom", 12 Law & Hist. Rev. 114(1994)

The publisher:

"The American Society for Legal History is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to fostering scholarship, teaching, and study concerning the law and institutions of all legal systems, both Anglo-American and those that do not operate in the Anglo-American tradition. Founded in 1956, the Society sponsors the Law and History Review...."

Initially, the Law & Hist. Rev., first published in 1983, was a joint project of Cornell Law School and the Society.

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