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La. L. Rev. - Louisiana Law Review

According to the publisher, Louisiana State University Law School (also known as the Paul M. Hebert Law Center):

"The first issue of the Louisiana Law Review went into print in November of 1938. Since then the Review has served as Louisiana’s flagship legal journal and has become a vibrant forum for scholarship in comparative and civil law topics. The article below is taken from the first issue of the Law Review. The piece was meant to commemorate the founding of the Law Review and to foreshadow the lasting impact that the Louisiana Law Review would have on state jurisprudence and legislation and on the legal landscape of Louisiana for years to come."

The first issue (1938) included this editorial by then-dean of the law school, Paul Hebert:

"The Faculty of the Law School, in establishing the Louisiana Law Review, is following a policy similar to that adopted by many leading American law schools. It is sought to present a legal periodical that will not only be an organ of expression of the L.S.U. Law School, but which will also render a distinct educational and professional service. From the educational viewpoint it may be observed that since the establishment of the first law school review by Harvard in 1887, more than fifty similar legal periodicals have been introduced, with the result that, with only an occasional discordant note, it has been generally recognized that the law review is an indispensable part of the American system of legal education. The training in research and legal writing under faculty supervision which is made possible for the students through the medium of the law review serves inevitably as a stimulus to a higher standard of scholarship—experience in original and independent work can hardly be provided as effectively through any other means."

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