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L. J. K. B. - Law Journal, King's Bench

Published 1831-1949, as the Law Journal - King's Bench, adjusted as necessary for the gender of the reigning British monarch to L.J.Q.B. (Law Journal - Queen's Bench).

Queen Victoria reigned from 1837-1901 and Queen Elizabeth II's reign (started in 1953) began subsequent to the 1949 demise of the L.J.K.B. (in between were a succession of male British monarchs).

Thus, the title and corresponding legal citation was adjusted from L.J.K.B. to L.J.Q.B. and back, as follows:

  • 1831-1837: Law Journal - King's Bench
  • 1837-1901: Law Journal - Queen's Bench
  • 1901-1949: Law Journal - King's Bench

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