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L. C. P. Co. - Lawyers' Co-operative Publishing Company

Related Citation: Am. Jur., L.C.P.

Also presented as L.C.P.

The now defunct Lawyers' Co-operative Publishing Company of Rochester, New York, founded in 1882 to provide law reports and other related material to lawyers on an affordable model (hence, "co-operative").

Publisher of a considerable set of important American law reports but could never stop the incessant competition brought to bear by the expansionist and for-profit WestLaw (aka West Publishing).

Legacy includes, inter alia, Ballentine's Legal Dictionary, American Jurisprudence (Am. Jur.), and the American Law Reports (A.L.R.) and, over the years, numerous lawyer handbooks and practice manuals.

Purchased by WestLaw (now Thomson-Reuters) in 1989, reportedly for $815-million.

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