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JLME - Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics

Related Citation: AJLM, J. L. Med. & Ethics

This is the "new" legal citation for the Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics, once known by the now out-dated, defunct legal citation of J. L. Med. & Ethics.

The JLME is owned and published by the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics, which also published the related or sister publication, the American Journal of Law & Medicine (AJLM).

The Society defers to this preferred public domain citation JLME, although (continung as of February 2013), at least two American authorities for legal citations, the Bluebook and Hein Online continue to defer to the now-defunct and unwieldy legal citation of J.L. Med. & Ethics.

According to the Society, circa 2013, the statement of scope of the JLME:

"The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (JLME) is a leading peer-reviewed journal for research at the intersection of law, health policy, ethics, and medicine....

"JLME is the authoritative source for health law teachers, practitioners, policy makers, risk managers, and anyone else concerned with the safe, equitable, and ethical delivery of health care services."

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