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J. Envtl. Law and Litigation - Journal of Environmental law and Litigation (USA)

Published by the University of Oregon School of Law since 1985.

Endemic, it seems of too many American law journals, the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation actively promotes two different legal citations. Within the printed law journal, the citation J. Envtl. Law and Litig. is used exclusively.

For example:

Brown, Christopher, A Litigious Proposal: A Citizen’s Duty to Challenge Climate Change, Lessons from Recent Federal Standing Analysis, and Possible State-Level Remedies Private Citizens Can Pursue, 25 J. Envtl. L. & Litig. 385 (2010)

Concurrently, the website promotes an alternate legal citation: JELL. From the website of the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation (website circa May 2011: www.law.uoregon.edu/org/jell/), the official statement of scope:

".... to provide a national, unbiased forum for the discussion and presentation of new ideas and theories in public interest environmental and natural resource law. JELL attempts to offer a broad range of articles and essays that reflect both the theoretical and practical aspects of environmental law.

"JELL is published by the students of the University of Oregon School of Law. Neither JELL nor the University of Oregon School of Law maintain a position on an issue published. The University of Oregon does not assume responsibility for statements made by JELL contributors. JELL is published biannually, and is partially funded by the Association of Students of the University of Oregon and the School of Law."



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