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J. Air L. & Com. - Journal of Air Law and Commerce (USA)

Published at the Dedman School of Law, Southwestern Methodist University (SMU),  Dallas, Texas (USA).

According to the publisher (as of July 2011):

"The Journal of Air Law and Commerce, a quarterly publication of the School of Law, was founded at Northwestern University in 1930 and moved to SMU in 1961. The oldest scholarly periodical in the English language devoted primarily to the legal and economic problems affecting aviation and space.... Articles by distinguished lawyers, economists, government officials, and scholars deal with domestic and international problems of the airline industry, private aviation, and space, as well as general legal topics that have a significant impact on the area of aviation."

As of July 2011, the J. Air L. & Com. did not have a dedicated URL but it can be found through navigation at the law school's website: www.law.smu.edu.

Also as of July 2011, the Journal was at volume 76.

Sample citation:

Knauth, Arnold, The Aircraft Commander in International Law, 14 J. Air L. & Com. 157 (1947)


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