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Harv. L. Rev. - Harvard Law Review (USA)

  • Jurisdiction: United States
  • Dates covered: 1887-
  • Publisher/Reporter: Harvard Law Review Association

Published by the Harvard Law Review Association, housed by but distinct from the Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA).

From the publisher:

"When the Review was founded in 1887, the Harvard Law School had about 200 students and five or six faculty members. The third-year class numbered no more than sixty-five or seventy students. Of them, fifteen were members of the original editorial board of the Law Review...

"In the first issue of the Review, the editors said that their objective was primarily “to set forth the work done in the school with which we are connected.” But, they added, “we are not without hopes that the Review may be serviceable to the profession at large....”

"On April 15, 1889, the Harvard Law Review Fund was established, with James B. Ames, Louis D. Brandeis, and George R. Nutter as trustees. The Review, referred to as a co-partnership for the publication of the Harvard Law Review, a magazine of law published in Cambridge, Massachusetts, transferred $250 to these trustees and their successors as a trust fund for the benefit of the said Harvard Law Review.

”The next, and more or less final, stage in the organization of the Review was the incorporation of the Harvard Law Review Association in 1902...

"The Harvard Law Review is (circa 2011) a student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship. The Review comes out monthly from November through June and has roughly 2000 pages per volume. The organization is formally independent of the Harvard Law School. Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions and, together with a professional business staff of three, carry out day-to-day operations."

Official website (as of 2011-06-06): www.harvardlawreview.org

Sample legal citation:

Frankfurter, Felix and Corcoran, Thomas, Petty Federal Offenses and the Constitutional Guaranty of Trial by Jury, 39 Harv. L. Rev. 917 (1926)


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