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Hagg. - Haggard's Admiralty Reports

  • Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
  • Dates covered: 1822-1838
  • Publisher/Reporter: John Haggard

Reports of select cases of the High Court of Admiralty:

"... during the time of the Right Honourable Lord Stowell".

John Haggard wasa described as:

"John Haggard, LL. D., Advocate".

Volume 1 was published in 1825, covering cases from 1822-1825.

Volume 2 was puiblished in London in 1833 (covering cases from 1825-1833).

Volume 3 of Hagg. was published in 1840 and covered cases of the High Court of Admiralty from 1833-1838.

Haggard's Admiralty Reports was followed, as law report coverage of the High Court of Admiralty in London, by the reports of William Robinson - W. Rob.

Re-published as part of the the English Reports, Volume 166.




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