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H.L. - House of Lords (England)

Related Citation: H.L.C.

The House of Lords refers to the British legislative assembly comprised of individuals to whom membership is given as a hereditary right, and not based on merit. This has now begun a slow, and long overdue process of change to a merit based appointment system.

This description is offered by the British Government:

"The position of the House of Lords as the supreme court of the realm also comes from the House's origins as the King's Council. Until 1876, the judicial functions of the Lords had to be provided by those who happened to be members of it, or hereditary peerages had to be conferred to bring suitably qualified men into the House. At that point, concern about the lack of available expertise led to the innovation of conferring life peerages specifically for judicial work in the Lords, so that those who did not feel they had the resources to maintain the estate and dignity of a peerage through future generations could still be appointed. There are 12 active Law Lords at any one time, but retired Law Lords are still able to act judicially up to the age of 75, and all Law Lords are members of the House for life."

H.L. is also presented by the legal citation UKHL (for the United Kingdom House of Lords).


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