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Dy. - Dyer's King's Bench Reports

  • Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
  • Dates covered: 1585
  • Publisher/Reporter: R. Farewell and J. Dyer

Forming part of the English Reports, Volume 73.

Covered cases from 1512 to 1582.

Dyer's surname was occasionally stylized, Diar.

The author of the original transcript, Dyer lived from 1512 to 1582. Since he covers cases from 1512, he likely copied cases from another anonymous manuscript. When he died, his nephews J. Dyer and R. Farewell did not intend initially to publish his law reports that were pressed upon by others to do so.

In Hawarde, les Reportes, 127, Justice Ellesmere wrote:

"In Diar are reports as he heard them, and also opinions and doubts and thus are strange things printed which detract greatly from the authority of Diar's book."

In volume 5 of his 1924 book A History of English Law, at page 365, W. S. Holdsworth adds:

"What is true of Dyer's Reports is also true of the reports of many of his contemporaries; eg. of Anderson, Popham, Hobart, Benloe and Dalison."

Dyer sometimes reported on more than just the law. For example, at Dyer 37b, he notes that the members of a jury were each fined £.40 because they ate and drank before giving their verdict. The long report also recounts their excuse:

"... they saw (the) Chief Justice going on the way to see an affray, and they followed him and in going, they saw a cup and drank out of it."

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