Duhaime's Legal Citations

DePaul L. Rev. - DePaul Law Review (USA)

According to the publisher (at http://laworgs.depaul.edu/journals/LawReview/Pages/default.aspx, circa 2011):

"The DePaul Law Review is a scholarly journal published four times a year by students at DePaul University College of Law. The Law Review serves as a forum for practitioners, judges, professors, and law students to discuss and analyze important topics in the law.

"In the spirit of fostering pure intellectual and legal research, the DePaul Law Review has three main goals. First, the Law Review serves as a research aid to practicing lawyers and academic scholars through the timely publication of topical and original articles, including scholarly legal analysis, surveys, and empirical studies of local and national significance. Second, the Law Review provides an opportunity for its members to develop vital legal skills in research, writing, and analysis to help further the intellectual development and expression of students at DePaul University College of Law."

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