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Cro. Eliz. - Croke's King's Bench Reports tempore Elizabeth I

Select cases of the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I, King James and Charles I.

The original set was published in three volumes in law French, and honoured by at least three subsequent editions, ultimately translated and presented in English. For example, the 4th Edition, edited by Thomas Leach and published in London in 1790.

The reporter was George Croke, a justice of the aforementioned courts.

The preface to the original is a dedication to King Charles I by the then editor Harbottle Grimston, a classic of grovelling as so many noble lawyers did in those days seeking appointments and positions.

It is in the same league as Coke's retirement letter, for some reason published in the Preface to 1 Croke's Reports:

"To the King, Most Excellent Majesty, the Humble Petition of Your Majesty's Humble Servant, Sir George Croke, Knight, One of the Justices of Your Bench:

"Humbly sheweth, that he having by the gracious favour of your Majesty's late father of famous memory, and of your Majesty, served your Majesty, and your said late father, as a judge of your Majesty's Court of Common Pleas, and of Your Highness' court called the King's Bench, above this fifteen years, is now become very old, being above the age of eighty years; and by reason of his said age and dullness of hearing, and other infirmities, whereby it hath pleased God to visit him, he findeth himself disabled and longer to do that service in your courts, which the place requireth, and he desireth to perform; yet is desirous to live and die in Your Majesty's favout:

"His most humble suit, that your Majesty will be pleased to dispense with his further attendance in any of Your Majesty's courts; that so he may retire himself and expect God's good pleasure, and, during that little remainder of his life, pray for Your Majesty's long life and happy reign."

Subsequently re-published as part of the English Reports, Volume 78 (1582-1603).



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